HKU Law at 50: Gala Dinner (3)

HKU Law at 50: Gala Dinner (2)

HKU Law at 50: Gala Dinner (1)

Conference on Experiential Learning and Innovations in Legal Education 2019

Custodians of Intellectual Property: A Sharing Session
By Andrew Liao GBS, SC, JP

Distinguished Lecture Series – Five Decades of Constitutional Change in Hong Kong and East Asia: A Macro-historical Perspective
By Professor Albert Chen

Sports Spectacular 2019

Premiere of “A Legal Journey” 現身說法

Distinguished Lecture Series “The Theory and Methods of Legal Futurism”
By Professor Barton Beebe

Distinguished Lecture Series – Digital Financial Transformation : Finance, Technology and Regulation
By Professor Douglas Arner

HKU Law Alumni Choir Concert “Pop Through 50 Years”

Book talk :An Ongoing Journey
香港大學法律學院五十周年書話:拱心石下 公義路上

Distinguished Lecture “Sapientia Et Virtus – The Contributions Of Jurisprudence”
By Professor Scott Veitch

ICON-S 2018

Kick-Off Ceremony

Activities Preview

Highlight Video

The 200th Congregation