“Beyond 50” Campaign: Enrich Students’ Lives & Empower the Community

Since its establishment as a Department of Law in 1969, the Faculty has become a key incubator for some of the most distinguished legal professionals and community leaders in Hong Kong.  It is a pivotal research hub in different areas of law connecting with Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific Region.  We actively share our knowledge with the community. While reflecting on the essence of this remarkable journey, it is time to look ahead and prepare for the coming 50 years.

The “Beyond 50” Campaign aims, through a wide range of initiatives,
(i)  To enrich students’ lives;
(ii)  To empower the community; and
(iii) To enhance the development of the Faculty.

All donations will go to an endowment after matching (the Eighth Matching Grant Scheme commenced on July 1, 2019 – it works on a first-come, first-served basis). You may specify the initiative(s) you would like to support or support the Faculty in general. Your contribution will enrich future legal professionals’ lives by providing them with greater exposure and enhanced opportunities.  You can empower our community by making legal knowledge and services more accessible to the general public.

A. Enrich Students’ Lives
1. Bursaries/ Subsidies
– For Outgoing Exchange/ Visiting Students
– For Outgoing Visiting Students
– For Law Students in general

2. Entrance Scholarship for Sports Scholars
– For Sports Scholars/ Disable Students
– For Students enrolling the HKU-UCL Dual Programme
– For Mainland Students

3. Financial Assistance for Outreaching Programmes
– Overseas Experiential Learning (Social Services/ Voluntary Work) in Summer
– Overseas LLM Scholarships

4. Mooting

B. Empower the Community
1. Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Programme
2. Rule of Law Education (ROLE) Programme

C. Enhance the Development of the Faculty
This fund will support the development of the Faculty in general.